Download FREE Report pun Boleh Dapat $1 Dollar?

Download free report..Try this one. Its just like The death of adsense report. You will get paid by downloading this free report.

HOw its works?

You will get $1 for every member/ referrals under you download that FREE REPORT. Its easy and i already get paid this month. I mean for March. And this chance still open in APril. Why not you take this chance too..

For Affiliate / referrals

IF you are a ‘CPA Cheat Sheet’ member. You need to refer 6 more people to move up to ‘Dominating Google Adwords – Leaked Chapter’ membership.
Of the users you referred, 4 confirmed and so you have earned a total of $4 in referral commissions.

To earn commission from this site, use this link to refer people to the site. If they join and confirm, you earn $1! If promoting via email, you must mask your affiliate URL.

This is the proof payment. I got it from Paypal.

Apr. 4, 2007 Payment From iPromote Media Inc. Completed $4.00 USD   $0.00 USD   $4.00 USD

Business Name: iPromote Media Inc.

I got 4 referrals only.

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They already continue this in APril too. So..take this chance and promote this free report. Its paying us !! Wink

Kalau ada diorang tanya pasal verified atau activation..

nih key dia : science

Type benda nih je..senang bukan?

YOu also can download this one..You will get $0.75 for every member under you download this ebook.

So. try this one too..

I believe you must get this both FREE REPORT..



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    massagus Says: adalah web support independent untuk membantu anda mempromosikan Peluang Bisnis Investasi adalah peluang investasi online yang memiliki tingkat RESIKO yang sangat tinggi (Untung/ Loss) dimana peluang ini mungkin tidak cocok bagi semua orang.

    Segala resiko yang terjadi terhadap dana anda bukan tanggung jawab

    1. Peluang meraih Return yang sangat Tinggi begitu pula sebaliknya. Daily Profit mulai 2.3% – 3% per hari selama 100 hari
    2. Program investasi memadukan system networking, tidak perlu keseimbangan omset group kiri/ kanan
    3. Komisi Royalti pasif dari Daily ROI group mulai 10% (Level 1), s/d 5% (Level 1-3)
    4. Komisi referral group s/d level 8 total 32%
    5. Witdraw profit menggunakan Debit Card(Master Card).Dapat dicairkan di ATM di seluruh Dunia
    6. Real Investment (Forex/Resort Club membership) . Hari Sabtu & MInggu tidak dihitung.
    7. Registrasi Investor. Harus mengisi formulir dengan jelas,Alamat tempat tinggal yang jelas/ harus sesuai Identitas (KTP,SIM,Passport/ .


    Participations range from USD 100 to USD 5,000.
    Investment Amount Daily Profit (%) Daily Return ROI Days Monthly Return Total Return (%) Total Return
    (100 days)
    USD 100 2.6% USD 2.60 78 USD 57.20 260% USD 260
    USD 500 2.8% USD 14 72 USD 308 280% USD 1,400
    USD 1,000 3.0% USD 30 66 USD 660 300% USD 3,000
    USD 3,000 3.0% USD 90 66 USD 1,980 300% USD 9,000
    USD 5,000 3.0% USD 150 66 USD 3,300 300% USD 15,000

    Base on package $1,000 example:
    Personal Investment Daily 3% Return

    * $15 goes to Cash Statement
    * $15 goes to Entertainment Point

    * No Interest on Saturday and Sunday.

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    ak md retauddin Says:

    it sound is very goods but may i know how do i get the payment

  4. Love this! And, even though I am Canadian, I can honestly say that I have NEVER eaten Poutine! Must be due to my Belgian roots and that I’m a purist w Click

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