Invest with

I already invest at that

YOu only need $5 for investment and get paid for 2 days only..

Thats a good site and i think you need to try it first..i got paid already.

09.03.2007 14:10:08 Investment payment: $ 7.11 USD (deposit: 1)
09.03.2007 16:10:11 Investment payment: $ 20.32 USD (deposit: 2)
0.03.2007 20:43:21 Referral payment : ($1.51)
11.03.2007 03:20:31 E-gold withdrawal: (account: 2636069)($28.96 USD)
11.03.2007 03:33:18 New contract created: 1 ($25.10)

The bold word..i make a new contract from that site..if you all really want to join..why not join now??

Click this if you want to go to that site..

Just try it..i got 2 referrals..
1. invest $5
2. invest $65

So..its really a good investment.. Just test it right now !!



  1. 1
    abang morshidi anuar Says:

    i’ve made an enquiry a fortnight ago on how to invest, but no response. please help

  2. 2

    you can invest if you already have egold and you need to sign up first..

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